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Naming Hopes, Not Setting Expectations

January 14, 2019

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My Favorite Baby and New Mom Necessities

June 4, 2019

Okay, I'm not going to drone on like recipe blogs where you're really just there for the recipe and there's like five scroll's worth of the origin of the basil plant before you even get to the recipe. 


If you're reading this, it's because you need to know what you actually need to keep your baby and yourself alive. You don't have time to read a novel, so I'm not gonna write it. Here's my list of favorite baby and new mom items, and also some things you don't need and some things that aren't items but are super helpful. 


Also, these are my opinions and what I find helpful and hope they help you, but if they don't, just move along and find what works for you! 


For Baby:


1. Taking Cara Babies Sleep Course


I can’t function well if I go too many nights without good sleep. I can feel myself get meaner and dumber. Not kidding. 


I also think we can tend glorify not sleeping as moms. Like we think our level of sacrificing basic human needs shows how much we Iove our kids. But I know that kids (at least my kids) need sleep

too! That’s when we built good brain stuff and repair our bodies. My kids are always in better moods the day after they get a good night’s sleep. 


Taking Cara Babies isn’t really sleep training, but is more of a way to create healthy sleep habits right away. You’re not sticking your infant in a room to cry it out. You’re helping them learn tools to put themselves to sleep. It also helps me feel more equipped to soothe my babies when they’re fussy, which makes me feel empowered as a mom. Less helpless. 


Her insta has a bunch of free tips, so check out @takingcarababies also!