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June 1, 2019

May 21, 2019

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January 14, 2019

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Bridging the Gap: The DIY Bride Floral Guide

November 9, 2018

Who has two thumbs and was once a DIY bride? This girl. 


Who has two thumbs and currently works as a floral designer, where DIY brides are the collective eye roll of the wedding industry? Also this girl. 


It's funny how things change. 


When Taylor and I got married three summers ago, we got the great advice to list our separate wedding priorities so we knew how we wanted to spend our budget. I don't remember exactly what our lists said, but I do remember that music was super high on his list, and flowers were high on mine. 


For Taylor, that meant we had our all time favorite band Penny and Sparrow play at our ceremony and reception, and for me that meant that I wanted to do my own flowers. Even then, I guess I knew that flowers were my future. And Taylor. Mostly Taylor. 



So I dove into research. At the time, I was working a job that, let's just say, didn't require my full attention. I had most of my work day open to research research research. It still took me WEEKS and MONTHS to figure out how to get my flowers, how to actually put flowers together, what flowers to use, etc. Partly because FLOWERING AIN'T AS EASY AS IT SEEMS, and partly because there was no good information readily available, and the information I could get took took hours of searching to find. 


When I finally got some things figured out, I sourced flowers from FiftyFlowers and a local flower farm. I got some beautiful antique ribbon from etsy. I found bud vases from Goodwill. Well, my mom did. 


I honestly don't remember asking myself questions like...


what's my flower timeline for the week of the wedding? 


how many tables do I have, and how many arrangements do I need per table? 


what do I want my flower choices and color palette to communicate about me/us?


what supplies do I need and where can I get them? 



I couldn't even find a youtube tutorial I liked! So while I love my wedding flowers, and I loved my wedding, there's a lot I would change now that I'm almost three years deep in this wedding business. That's the difference between being a DIY bride and a wedding designer!