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June 1, 2019

May 21, 2019

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January 14, 2019

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A Peek Inside My Recipe Book: Moody Spring Bouquet

July 6, 2018

 Welcome my newest recipe book post. Whether you're a designer trying to find inspiration, or a bride looking for flowers you'd love for your own bouquet, you're in the right place! Let's keep this simple. I'm gonna list what flowers I used for this bridal bouquet. Stick around for some extra notes at the end. 


-. Cappuccino Rose. The slightly pinky, dusty peach petite rose on the right is the Cappuccino Rose. It's a great blending flower, it's a great size for designing, and it's dutch! 


- Quicksand Rose. The blushier rose towards the mid left of the bouquet is a Quicksand Rose. Quicksand Roses are some of my favorite roses. They're just normal, standard roses, but they have the best undertones. Pair with a Sahara Rose for a lighter feel, and pair with them Menta Rose for a more moody look. 


- Lilac. The back outer corners of the bouquet have beautiful lilac. If it's spring and you can get lilac, you get lilac. 


- Light Purple Astilbe. The fuzzy cone shaped flower next to the lilac is Astilbe. This particular color is soft and just perfect. It's a great way to use some different shapes in your designs. 


- Purple Anemone. The upper right side of the bouquet has dark purple anemone. Most people recognize the typical white anemone with a dark blue eye, but the purple anemone makes such a fun statement.


- Dark Purple Ranunculus. Dark Purple Japanese Ranunculus. No more to say. 


- Blush Hanoi Ranunculus. There's one big guy visible tucked in the middle. The flower with a thousand perfect petals. THE perfect blush flower in the spring season. 


- Butterfly Ranunculus. Butterfly Ranunculus is the fun, flirty sister to the ranunculus. She's light and iridescent and lasts forever. 


- Hellebore. The star shaped, smooth textured, muddy purple-brown flower. They're the perfect blending flower because they have so many colors in them. 


- Clematis. The light purple star shaped vine-type flower is available year round and is perfect for light and airy or cascading bouquet. 


- Fritallaria Meleagris. These are the floaty flowers on the left that look like they have little checkerboards on them. They look so delicate but last well in bouquets and arrangements. 


- Jasmine Vine. Delicate greenery. Tiny pink blooms. Incredible smell.