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Naming Hopes, Not Setting Expectations

January 14, 2019

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A Peek Inside My Recipe Book

February 16, 2018

People people people. Let me be honest with you. Life right now is crazy. We're in the process of moving our home and moving my floral studio! Right now, my studio is a 12 by 8 room. I'm moving into a 960 square foot space and I cannot wait! We are so excited for a new home and a new studio. Moving is just very stressful, and I'm in the midst of proposal season which means lots of meetings and computer time and all this has lead me to neglect my blog and the guilt is reallllll. I have such a fun blog project planned, but right now that just needs to take a back seat. SO instead of feeling guilty for not writing a perfect post, big idea post, I'm just going to write something short and sweet and hope it's fun and helpful!


One of my favorite things about the way we meet couples and provide wedding proposals is that we don't expect our brides to be floral experts. That's our job, not theirs! If you meet with us, you can point at a picture and say "I like that," you don't have to know flower names or greenery varieties, you just have to know what feels like you. 


BUT if you're a fellow designer, gardener, or interested bystander and you do want to know some flower types, this is the post for you!


Basically, I'm going to show you a bouquet and tell you what's in it. That's it! So let's get started.