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June 1, 2019

May 21, 2019

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Naming Hopes, Not Setting Expectations

January 14, 2019

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August 28, 2017

This wedding. I will never stop posting pictures of this wedding. There are so many things that make this wedding just. so. good. 


First. The Lodge at Mount Ida Farm. While it did take us about two hours to find the location, all the while being about two minutes from the location, once we got there it was INCREDIBLE. From a vendor perspective, it is perfection. Easy access to the ceremony and reception location, beautiful views and light for photographers, and everywhere you look is a wonderful blank slate for creative expression. 


Second. Ashley Cox. THE most amazing film photographer. If you're looking for a photographer whose work is truly art, Ashley Cox is your girl. Some of these photos barely have flowers in them and I don't even care because everyone should get to see her work. 


Third. Jacqueline. Jacqueline was a dream from day one. She heard of me from a friend of a friend, and hadn't been able to find what she was looking for in a florist. She send me a picture of her dress, her bridesmaids' dresses, and that was it. She said she trusted me to make something beautiful and really let me go crazy. Then, on her wedding day, she looked Grace freaking Kelly. Seriously. How is it possible to look this classically beautiful? Just take a peek...



Jacqueline and Eric at the alter. 




Jacqueline told me she wanted some greenery for the cross at the alter. When I saw the scale and scope of the view, I know I had to go bigger than I originally thought. This garland with interlaced roses was strong but subtle, and so romantic.