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Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm so glad you're here. If I could, I would sit down with you over some Jasmine tea and Orange Ricotta scones, and I'd listen while you told me your story. 

I've always loved stories. As the daughter of the world's greatest English teacher and the most generous book-buyer known to man, I grew up preferring reading to almost anything else. Whether I read classics or YA fantasy fiction or historical non-fiction, it didn't matter, I was hooked.


There's just something about a well-told story. 

Now, I tend to think of myself as Anne Shirley on the inside and Elizabeth Bennet to everyone else. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings bubbling up in me, but I can keep them secret to all but my dearest loves. 

I love the romance of flowers. They're so temporary and fleeting, just like us. Here one day, gone the next. That is the essence of Carbon + Salt: The belief that maybe the best things, the things most worth celebrating and preserving are temporary. Our lives might flash in the blink of an eye, but our love stories are worth telling. I want to tell the legacy of your love through flowers. 

image by Lindsey Plevyak 



"Rachel was so personable and easy to communicate with that it felt like just a friend I talked flowers with..."


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